About Us

We are Judit and Darko. A couple who enjoy and appreciate shea butter and natural lifestyle in general. Exploring and experimenting with different natural products and home made recipes is our passion and hobby.

Judit is using shea butter and her own homemade creams for many years. She enjoys reading and writing about it and especially trying new creams which we can use by ourselves or give as a special gift to our friends. I joined her passion few years ago. Now, I’m also passionate shea butter user. I share her fascination with remarkable power shea butter and other natural remedies have upon human health and beauty. I try to help, as much as my everyday 9 to 5 job allows me, with boring ‘technical’ tasks of keeping website up and running. Our newborn son already enjoys shea butter benefits on his baby skin.

Currently we live in Croatia, beautiful European and Mediterranean country. We also spend lot of time in Hungary, Judit’s homeland. None of us is native English speaker, so please accept our apology for language mistakes.

Hope you will find information we share on our site interesting and useful.