Shea Butter anti Wrinkles Cream Recipe

This is very simple shea butter anti wrinkles cream recipe enriched with other ingredients belived to be good against wrinkles. You can also try this recipe with some other base and essential oils believed to be effective in reducing wrinkles.

What do you need?

  • 2 oz. unrefined Shea butter
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 20 drops of Carrot seed essential oil
  • 10 drops of Fennel essential oil
  • 4 oz. empty clean jar

You don’t have to melt shea butter and this is the method i prefer. Make sure unrefined shea butter is on a room temperature before you start. Mash it with a fork and add oils. Mash it again a little bit. Mix it with a hand mixer for few minutes and you are done!

Alternatively, you can do the same cream using following method. Melt unrefined shea butter on the steam using double pot.  Put it out of the steam and add extra virgin olive oil while mixing it. When cooled a little bit, put Carrot seed and Fennel essential oils and mix it. Put it in clean jar and let it cool down on the room temperature.

Anti Wrinkle Ingredients

Listed butters and oils are believed to be effective anti wrinkle ingredients.

Butters: Shea butter

Base oils: extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil

Essential oils: Carrot seed, Fennel, Frankincense, Hyssop, Linden Blossom, Orange, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Sage

Read general guidelines on how to make your own creams.

Learn more about shea butter, what it is good for and where to buy it.


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  1. hi thanks for wonderful sharing on shea butter , let us plan shea butter festival, shea butter conference , sheabutter products exhibition , asia india where we need to create more awareness about shea butter

  2. Hello.. lovely one.. though i had to use other essential oils as i could not find the requested ones in the shops i checked in Budapest!

    Any advice where i can such items with high quality in bp?

    Another question.. can i used shea butter for the soft skin around the eye?

    Thanks so much

  3. I would like to find out about your Shea butter iwant to buy some for resale can u send me price list and other products that u may have I am from South Africa tnks Qu3e

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  5. I just received some raw Shea butter from a friend and love what it does for my dry skin, my nails , my dog’s coat! Now I shall try to do my own . Thank you for these recipes.

  6. Love those resapeses, i just sent for fennel and carrot so i can make this Anti Wrinkle one, i love the one for try hands and feet… It is nice that you have wrote the thing about weight im from Denmark, and we dont use ouns and oz mm, we use grams or cl… Tsp, drops and so is taking for them self 😉 Hope you understand my poor English, just want to thank you for nice cremes, i love them.
    Hugs from Eva.

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